Consultations is our pay-per-service package that is adjusted based on your needs.

Our experts are here to save you time and money.

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After submitting a form, CarWiz will call, text, or email you to set up an appointment to discuss further what is needed.


We'll locate and negotiate the vehicle of your choice, handle all the paperwork, and schedule all your test drives. Ultimately, your vehicle can be delivered straight to your door.  

With classic and antique vehicles, we will make sure the vehicle is not a counterfeit and will rule out any mispresentations.

Optionally, we can advise you on the purchase of an extended warranty.


We will negotiate the terms and pricing of your lease to fit your driving habits and budget.


CarWiz can help you get the most out of selling or trading your vehicle and get you the best price whether you trade or sell.


Can you locate any type of vehicle?

Yes, we can locate any type of vehicle.  If you desire a classic, antique or exotic then of course the search can take longer, depending upon your criteria.

How long would it take to acquire my vehicle?

That depends on several factors such as the type of vehicle you desire, color, trim level, your budget, and location of vehicle.  In most cases, we can have your vehicle within 2 to 3 weeks.  Antique or classic vehicle purchases may take longer due to their rarity.

Do I have to do anything once I give you the go ahead to find a vehicle?

The only things you will need to do would be give the go ahead with a deposit once the vehicle is located  and then sign the final paperwork once the deal is completed.

Should I lease or purchase my next vehicle?

That depends on many different factors. We will review with you the pros and cons of buying versus leasing and determine what would make sense for you.

Will I have to got into the dealership?

Never. We handle all the negotiations, test drives and paperwork for you.

Can you locate a vehicle out of state?

Absolutely.  Our services extend to all 50 states. Depending upon the type of vehicle and trim level, we may have to go out of state to locate it.

If I purchase a classic car would it require different insurance?

It can.  We have several collector car insurers whom we work with as a collector car policy will be less expensive than a policy on your everyday vehicle.  We can walk you through how collector car insurance works.

Should I trade in or sell my car privately?

That depends. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  We'll consult with you and will advise you which one would make the most sense.