Concierge is our membership or one-time only based service that provides hands on maintenance and repairs on your vehicle(s) while you're busy doing the things that matter most.

10% discount for 3 or more vehicles in the household.

CarWiz is fully licensed and insured.

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After submitting a form, CarWiz will call, text, or email you to set up an appointment to discuss further what's needed.

Convenient drop off and pick up locations

We will pick up and return your vehicle from your location of choice.

Assessing your vehicles needs

We'll take your vehicle in for a multitude of scheduled maintenance and repairs including but not limited to: Adding fuel, changing oil, rotating and replacing tires, complete emissions testing, and washing your vehicle. We can also schedule your vehicle for recurring services, weekly, monthly or yearly.

For repairs, we have shops that we work with that are honest and offer very fair labor rates.

Vehicle Relocation Assistance

While moving in state or out of state, one of our employees can drive your vehicle to your new residence.


How does it work?

Very easily. You tell us what what you would like to have done to your car on that day, and we will pick up the car at the desired time and and drop off the car to your desired time and location.  You will be provided with a copy of all services which were done to your vehicle.

Why would somebody use your services?

Our Service is designed to save you both valuable time and money. Nobody likes to sit around for hours waiting for repair services to be completed on their vehicle.  It's both time consuming and frustrating.  You could utilize your time so much more effectively. We also are able to get you a negotiated rate on repair services and take your vehicle to a trusted repair facility. By us doing this, you save money and have the piece of mind that your vehicle will be fixed properly.

What services can you take my car in for?

Any service you like, such as oil changes, Tire rotations, Fluid Flushes, Emissions, etc.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to drive your vehicle.

How does the membership program work?  Do I get a discount for multiple vehicles?

You choose what services you want done and how often and then we keep your vehicle on a continual calendar basis and inform you what service and when is due next. If you have 3 or more vehicles, we can offer you a 10% discount on any and all services you choose.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any point in time.

How would my car be transported if I was moving out of state?

Our team is able to deliver your car.  We have drivers to relocate your vehicle. The cost would be determined by where you are moving to.  We can drive your vehicle to any state, including Canada.