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Negotiating extended warranties on your behalf

Determine and advise what component coverage is needed for your type of vehicle and what warranty companies are best. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Discuss what is needed, the benefits, and the value of this service.

Review and negotiate your repair estimates

Negotiate pricing and determine if service recommendations are needed to prevent the risk of getting ripped off.

Recommend needed services at your specific mileage intervals

Find you a reputable mechanic with fair labor rates.

Speaking with the insurance company on your behalf  in order to get you more money if your vehicle is a total loss.  Also help you find a body shop that does quality repair work 


How much does each service cost?

It depends upon the service requested as well as the time we spend with you.  Most services start at $125.00 and can increase from there. The max amount for a service would be $220.00.

How long does the assessment take?

We spend as much time as needed to answer your questions so you have a better understanding of of how you will save time and money.

How do you negotiate a better price?

I spent several years of my career in the service department and selling extended warranties and so I know the ins and outs that most consumers are not aware of.  Some of these warranties also have huge price mark ups. Also, many service shops overcharge for repairs. 

Will you travel out of state to complete a Pre-purchase inspection?

Yes, we can absolutely travel to any state to inspect a vehicle.

What should I look for in an extended warranty?

A lot of the fine print is in the actual language of the policy such as how much a company will pay, what exclusions there are, what is required by you to have a claim paid, etc.   Once we review the policy, we can determine what would be required of you should you need to file a claim.

Will you call on my behalf and speak to a mechanic or shop?

Will you call an extended warranty company for me?

Yes to both questions.   Once you give us authorization, we call the shop on your behalf. We discuss with your service advisor why they are recommending certain services and then determine what your car needs and negotiate a fair price. 

(In regards to your extended warranty, we will review or advise what type of coverage you should have and for how long of a term based on how long you will keep the vehicle and what your yearly driving habits are.  Once that criteria is determined, we will recommend an extended warranty company for you and negotiate the cost of the plan.)