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Wouldn't it be nice if somebody could handle your car purchasing needs so you don't have to set foot in a dealership ever again?

Wouldn't it be great if you had help and advice selling a vehicle and getting the most money for it?

Wouldn't it be nice if somebody could track all of the oil changes, tire rotations, maintenance, general repairs, car washing, emission testing etc. on every vehicle in your household?

Need help navigating your insurance claim, or reviewing and negotiating your repair estimates? 

How about searching for an extended warranty, and negotiating a fair price?

If you are in need of any other service, just ask!  We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

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"Jeff and his team were awesome at finding me the car of my choice. I was looking for a loaded Mazda 3 Hatchback but wanted the Grand Touring Package in that awesome Crystal Red Mazda makes. Jeff found me the car out of state, negotiated the price and had it shipped directly to my house. What a beauty. I absolutely love it. I would recommend Jeff's service to anybody. A customer for life!!"

Sharon Brown. Evansville, IN.

"I started talking with Jeff after being frustrated with dealer after dealer. Jeff explained the car buying process and its difficulties and took over the search for me. A few weeks later, I had my dream car, a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm very happy with it as well as all the time and hassle that Jeff saved me."

Jonathan Z. Birmingham, MI.

"I found Jeff's website and decided I would least talk to an expert. I recently had a collision with my 2017 Ford Focus and it was a deemed a Total Loss. I didn't feel my insurance company was giving me a fair settlement. Jeff took over the handling of my total loss and got me about 30% more for my vehicle. I would recommend him to anybody. Thanks again!!"

Michelle Bester. Boston, MA.

"I found Jeff's service after I was trying to find my dream car, a 1967 Mustang. This was the car I had in highschool. I found several online but wasn't sure what I was getting into with a car over 50 years old. Jeff talked to the owner to gather more info and had one of his team mates fly out to inspect the car. Everything checked out, the car was shipped to me and 2 weeks later I was driving my childhood dream car. I absolutely love it and this one is staying with me forever."

Steve Briner. Tampa, FL.

"Jeff has saved me so much time and money over this past year. He has taken my Mercedes in for all its recommended maintenance and services. The car is fueled and washed. When my work day is finished, the car is there waiting for me. Thanks Jeff. Excellent Service as always!! "

Bob Bruner. Suwanee, GA.

"I contacted Jeff seeing that he had experience with extended warranties. I was flooded with calls and quotes from so many different companies telling me they would cover this and that and pressuring me to buy. Jeff reviewed the companies, explained the fine print in the contract. He narrowed the list of companies down to two and then got on the phone and negotiated the price for me. Now I have my dream car and piece of mind knowing that it's protected. Jeff, thank you for all your hard work."

John Gilster. Bangor, ME.

"I reached out to Jeff seeing he offered a review of maintenance services. My shop was telling me I needed all these different fluid flushes. The total bill would be close to $800. Jeff saw the type of car I had and the mileage and discussed with services he would do at what mileage intervals. He spoke with the service advisor and negotiated the price and saved me over $150!   Jeff, I will be calling you again in the near future. Thanks again."

Brenda Wiggins. Eau Claire, WI.

"Jeff and his guys are the best!! I had my eye on a 2019 Ford Explorer but wanted a certain color and trim. Jeff consulted with me and explained one of the engines offered in this model had several issues. That changed my focus and we started looking at one with a more reliable Powertrain. 2 months later, the car was delivered to me. I love driving it and it looks great!! Jeff did all the hard work and saved me precious time and money."

John Gofrin. Birmingham, AL.